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Physical therapy is a constantly evolving medical discipline with origins as early as 460 BC. Physicians such as Hippocrates and Hector were encouraging the treatment of their patient's limitations with the use of massage and hydrotherapy (water therapy). Since that time the profession has evolved and is now directed by scientific outcomes and clinical research. However, one thing has remained constant. Physical therapy is a highly effective conservative form of treatment aimed at treating pain, mobility limitations and weakness with the goal of allowing individuals to overcome obstacles that are impeding performance with daily activities. Physical therapists are seen as experts in "the science of healing and the art of caring."



If your body hurts due to muscle or joint pain or you are unable to move and perform your work, recreational activities, or other daily tasks, chances are WE CAN HELP! A few specific conditions that are often treated by our physical therapist include:


  • muscle/tendon sprains and strains

  • low back and neck pain

  • sciatica

  • rehabilitation after fracture

  • rehabilitation after surgery

  • knee, hip and shoulder replacements

  • arthritis

  • shoulder instability/rotator cuff dysfunction

  • whiplash injuries

  • deep bruising or contusions

  • balance dysfunction

  • impairment due to a stroke

  • general weakness and debility 

  • sports related injuries

  • work related injuries

  • tendonitis/tendonosis


These are only a few of the most common conditions. Our therapists are happy to discuss the specifics of your condition.



When it comes to seeing a physical therapist, we know you have a choice and we aim to be that choice. At Alpha & Omega Physical Therapy we offer 45-60 minute treatment sessions during which you are always seen directly by the physical therapist. Our therapists will work with you during an initial evaluation to determine your personal goals and will then do everything possible to help you reach them. Our physical therapists believe that one-on-one interaction is key to identifying your limitations. Under this model we are able to constantly adapt and modify your treatment sessions in order to allow you to obtain optimal outcomes.

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