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Fall Risk Assessment and Fall Prevention Program


Recently Alpha & Omega Physical Therapy (AOPT) announced a new public screening program that can determine an individual’s risk for falls. Falls represent a major health risk, especially in the elderly, and our new program is aimed at raising awareness as well as promoting preventive measures.


Three systems in your body contribute to your balance by sensing your position in space: vision, inner ear and proprioceptors in the joints. All of them are affected by age, but with early detection, you can reverse deterioration in a particular area and/or help strengthen the other sensors in order to maintain a safe sense of balance.


Based on your risk, our AOPT clinicians will recommend appropriate action to improve balance and avoid untimely falls.

By appointment only, please call 928-537-2678 and speak to our friendly staff to get your assessment scheduled.

Lower Body Strength
Strength is a critical contributor for a rapid response to a balance disturbance. Testing will identify weakness and, if necessary, exercise will significantly improve lower body strength.

Gait and Endurance
Independence is directly related to walking speed. Older adults typically display a slower walking speed, with shorter steps, varied in length. These are all factors related to falls. Senior safe exercise equipment, such as the NuStep  and other equipment in our facility can help strengthen and build endurance of muscles; specifically those associated with ambulation.

Watch the Biodex Video now!
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